Refugees and asylum seekers

27 Jun

We are running a community development project which offers psychotherapy for women who are refugees and asylum seekers.

Alongside therapy women can also access the support of the Centre’s link worker. She has provided practical information and advice on a range of issues and can signpost women to other more appropriate services.

Our community development therapist can go to community, voluntary and statutory organisations to give information about the work of the project and the Centre, and can meet directly with women to introduce them to the idea of psychotherapy.

Please email or phone 020 7263 6200 if you would like further information about psychotherapy for young refugee and asylum seeking women.

Interpreters are available when necessary and we can also help with childcare.

The Centre also provides training for front line workers and volunteers. This support is helpful in addressing one’s own support needs, develop insights and sharing experiences.

The community development psychotherapist can visit organisations to give information sessions or to provide ‘taster’ sessions which give women the opportunity to hear more about therapy.

Download Black and Minority Ethnic leaflet


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