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The Women’s Therapy Centre has been offering individual and group psychotherapy to women since 1976. Its access policy ensures that psychotherapy is available to all women, regardless of ability to pay, sexual orientation, disability, cultural or social background, immigrtion status, previous psychiatric history or age.

The Centre has a particular commitment to offering psychotherapy to women whose needs might not otherwise be met elsewhere and has a commitment to working with women who would not usually have access to therapy.

Over the years that we have been working with women the Women’s Therapy Centre has developed particular skills and innovative work in addressing the problems faced by women experiencing a range of mental health problems.


Rosie Boycott

Susie Orbach

Philippa Perry

Mary Target


The Centre is a registered charity governed by a board of trustees.
Miriam David – Chair

Emua Ali – Vice Chair

Jessica Spearman – Treasurer

Maria Guilia Billi

Lucy Watkin

Christine Smith

Barbara Fletchman Smith

Bhupinder Virdee


Ann Byrne – Chief Executive
Psychotherapists employed by the Centre are registered psychoanalytic psychotherapists registered with the United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapy or the British Psychoanalytic Council.

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