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Tackling childhood sexual abuse

28 Jun

We currently have spaces on a new psychotherapist-led group for women who have experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Sexual abuse can leave you feeling angry, alone, ashamed, depressed and lacking in confidence, years after the event. Group therapy can help with a range of emotional and relationship difficulties associated with childhood abuse. It offers the opportunity to participate in an open conversation where group members can confidentially explore difficult issues.

If you have experienced childhood sexual abuse and would like to speak about it in a safe and supportive environment, this may be the group for you.

The group will run weekly for one year on Tuesdays between 12pm and 1.30pm.

You either have to be a woman living in Islington or a woman aged 18 to 25 living in one of the following boroughs: Barnet, Brent, Camden, City of London, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Kensington & Chelsea or Westminster

Click here for more information.


Refugees and asylum seekers

27 Jun

We are running a community development project which offers psychotherapy for women who are refugees and asylum seekers.

Alongside therapy women can also access the support of the Centre’s link worker. She has provided practical information and advice on a range of issues and can signpost women to other more appropriate services.

Our community development therapist can go to community, voluntary and statutory organisations to give information about the work of the project and the Centre, and can meet directly with women to introduce them to the idea of psychotherapy.

Please email or phone 020 7263 6200 if you would like further information about psychotherapy for young refugee and asylum seeking women.

Interpreters are available when necessary and we can also help with childcare.

The Centre also provides training for front line workers and volunteers. This support is helpful in addressing one’s own support needs, develop insights and sharing experiences.

The community development psychotherapist can visit organisations to give information sessions or to provide ‘taster’ sessions which give women the opportunity to hear more about therapy.

Download Black and Minority Ethnic leaflet

Young women’s project

27 Jun

Are you a woman aged 18-25?

We all know life can get a bit much sometimes, whether we’ve had an argument with a friend, are fed up with work or study or are just feeling run down.

Here at the Women’s Therapy Centre in Islington we’re offering individual and group sessions for young women, providing a safe space for them to talk about their lives and let off steam.

Why not try our free introductory sessions where you can talk about anything from relationships to managing stress and improving self-confidence?

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, get in touch with Kerri on 07988 676713 or by email.

We look forward to hearing from you.

To access the Young Women’s Project, you must be resident in one of the following boroughs:

*Barnet, Brent, Camden, City of London, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Harrow, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster*

Why therapy?

27 Jun

“You go to therapy?! You don’t need that, just go shopping! That’ll make you feel better!”

“Therapy?! That’s for crazy people, right?”

“If I go to therapy, will they take my kids away?”

Comments like this tend not to encourage people to try therapy.

There are all sorts of preconceptions about therapy: what it is, who it’s for and how it can help.

Some of them are true: there is a massive shortage of free or affordable services provided by the voluntary sector, so when people say it’s a luxury they can’t afford, there is an element of truth to that.

There are also some very real cultural sensitivities need to be taken into account: there are some people who think that talking about your problems is simply not done – they don’t want strangers “knowing their business”.

There is still a huge stigma around mental health. Admitting you’re depressed or seeking help because you’re just not coping very well can still be a taboo.

Celebrities such as Catherine Zeta Jones, Stephen Fry, Andrew Flintoff and JK Rowling speaking publicly about their mental health problems can help  people realise that anybody can be affected,     but it can still be very difficult to acknowledge that help is needed.

Our community development projects try to reach women who are already involved with statutory or voluntary agencies in order to help them access emotional support.

We offer information sessions and workshops that get women used to the idea of talking about their emotions, breaking down the potential embarrassment around admitting they have problems.

We also offer a 6-week support group that focuses on breaking down the social isolation that young mothers in particular can face, as well as getting women used to the group dynamic. The third stage of our service is to offer women individual or group therapy at the centre for one year.

If you think you or someone you know could benefit from this type of emotional support, please contact Kerri on 07988 676713 or email on for more information.

Young mothers’ project

27 Jun

Are you a mother under 30?

Feeling down? Need to talk to someone?

We can help…

Try our free introductory sessions to talk about relationships, managing stress or improving your self-esteem

For more info text/call Kerri on 07988 676713 or email.

Please note: you must be resident in Islington to access this service.

Welcome to the blog

27 Jun

The  Women’s Therapy Centre is run by women, for women, and offers individual and group psychotherapy.

We also run community  development projects to enable women from communities that traditionally do not access therapy to learn more about mental health issues, how to access support, how to talk about their experiences and to learn the truth behind stigma and the myths that prevent women accessing mental health services.

If you would like  to access our services, please note that our waiting list for therapy is now  open for the followings:

  • Refugees and Asylum Seeking women (all London  Boroughs)
  • Women who wish to join a focus group – childhood  sexual abuse
  • Women up to the age of 30 who are mothers and  live in Islington
  • Women aged 18-25 who live in selected  London Boroughs (Barnet, Brent, Camden, City of London, Ealing, Hammersmith  & Fulham Harrow, Kensington & Chelsea and Westminster)

Further information about making an appointment>>

Alternatively, our private psychotherapy referral service can help you find a psychotherapist in private practice. We provide a comprehensive initial  assessment with an experienced psychotherapist and a referral to a psychotherapist in private practice whose clinical work is well regarded by the Centre.

Click here for more information

For further  information about accessing therapy, please contact or call 020 7263  6200

Telephone line  opening times:

Monday          10:00am – 12:00pm

Tuesday          5:30pm – 7:30pm

Wednesday    5:30pm – 7:30pm

If  you call us outside these opening times, please leave a message with your name  and telephone number and we will contact you.

To  obtain further information about our Community Development Projects, please  contact us at or or call 020  7263 7860 or click  here to read more about our projects